One-Word Substitution

A person who is out to destroy all government and order : Anarchist
Government by the people : Democracy
The whole mass of air surrounding the earth : Atmosphere
One who is not sure of the existence of God : Agnostic
A medicine which prevents infection by killing germs : Antiseptic
One who does something not professionally but for pleasure : Amateur
A statement open to more than one interpretation : Ambiguous
One who makes an official examination of accounts : Auditor
Marrying more than one wife or more than one husband at a time : Polygamy
The science that studies plants : Botany
The science which studies natural processes of living things : Biology
People working together in the same office or department : Colleagues
The state of remaining unmarried : Celibacy
The action of bringing into completion : Consummation
To give one’s authority to another : Delegate
Study of the relation of living things to environment : Ecology
The action of looking within or into one’s own mind : Introspection
One incapable of being tired : Indefatigable
A letter, poem, etc. whose auther is unknown : Anonymous
Work for which no salary is paid : Honorary
One who looks at the bright side of things : Optimist
One who cannot read or write : Illiterate
A game or battle in which neither party wins : Draw
Holding established opinions : Orthodox
Hater of women : Misogynist
The study of the origin and physical and cultural development of manking : Anthropology
The science which studies the crust of the earth : Geology
The science which studies animals : Zoology
Happening at one and the same time : Simultaneous
Murder or murderer of oneself : Suicide
Lasting only for a very short while : Temporary
Capable of being seen through : Transparent
The first speech delivered by a person : Maiden
The art practised by statesmen and ambassadors : Diplomacy
One who walks on foot : Pedestrian
One who lives on others : Parasite
One who speaks for others : Spokesperson
One who spends very little : Miser
One who prossesses several talents or gifts : Versatile
One who eats vegatables only : Vegetarian
A thing that is fit to be eaten : Edible
A statement absolutely clear : Explicit
A widespread disease affecting many people at the same time : Epidemic
A trade that is prohibited by law : Gala day
A desire that cannot be represed : Illicit
A method that cannot be imitated : Irrespressible
Remarks which do not really apply to the subject under discussion : Inimitable
A story that can hardly be believed : Incredible
A comparison that is out of place : Inapt
That which cannot be satisfied : Insatiable
A remedy which never fails : Infallible
A thing that cannot be seen with human eyes : Invisible
One who is very easily made angry : Irritable
An ordinary and common place remark : Platitude
A sum paid to a man for a piece of work : Remuneration
The act of violating the sanctity or destroying the property of a sacred place : Sacrilege
To make up one’s mind and change it quickly : Vacillate
A person with a long experience of any occupation : Veteran
A place where clothes are kept : Wardrobe
A state of complete continence on the part of a woman : Virginity
A man who has too much enthusiasm for his own religion and hates other religions : Fanatic
One who makes calculations connected with insurance : Actuary
A country, etc. which is very distant : Remote
To send out of one’s native country : Exile
A person chosen by parties who have a controversy to settle their differences : Mediator
Notice of death, especially in a newspaper : Obituary
Opinion contrary to accepted doctrines : Heresy
Great clapping and cheering : Applause
Exclusive possession of the trade in some commodity : Monopoly
Sole right to make and sell some invention : Patent

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